All Working Wapka Phishing Codes (WML/XHTML Scripts) Collection

If you want to access your friend’s Facebook account then this article is very helpful for you. Through Wapka Phishing Codes, you can easily get your victims account password. All you need to do is, Create a phishing site using Wapka Phishing Script and share its link with your friends or victim. You don’t need to study about other programming languages, hacking languages etc.

Wapka Phishing is the best way to shock your mates by gettings their passwords and different information. If you don’t know how to create a phishing site using Facebook Wapka Phishing Codes then don’t worry. This article is especially for you to help in designing a new Wapka Phishing Website with few simple steps.

Wapka Phishing is getting popular among youngsters these days. Most of the youngsters try to hack their friends, relatives Facebook account. But they got failed to do so. It is not very easy to hack FB account. you need to create Facebook Phishing website first then only you can try to hack anyone’s Facebook account. Well, I have shared some best methods which may help you to create phishing sites by using Facebook Wapka Codes. Let’s take a look at these methods.

Wapka Phishing Codes/Scripts (WML/XHTML)

Facebook Phishing is much popular nowadays. Everyone is trying to create a phishing website to get their friends or victims Facebook account password. Lots of peoples know how to create phishing website, what they need is Wapka Phishing Codes & Scripts. Don’t worry if you are one of them. This article is full of Wapka Codes & Scripts Collection for you. Also, I have shared all the steps to create a fresh Facebook Phishing Website. So you can easily use these Facebook Wapka Codes for Phishing to hack your victims Facebook Account.

Wapka Phishing Codes: If you’re looking for Facebook, Gmail Wapka Codes then you don’t need to leave this page. Yeah! I have shared almost all Working Wapka phishing codes in this article. You just need to scroll this page and copy your desired phishing codes. You can create Facebook Phishing websites using to get your victim’s Facebook password.


Wapka Phishing Codes & Scripts Collection

Wapka Facebook Sites are created nowadays by many youngsters using Facebook Phishing Codes. Let me ask you first why are you searching for Wapka Phishing Scripts? Always remembers Phishing is an illegal activity. So do it at your own risk. I will not responsible for any harm happen to you. It is very easy to create a phishing website using Wapka WML/XHTML Codes. You don’t need to learn any language for Phishing. You just need to copy below shared codes and paste them into your phishing website. We have shared all Wapka Scripts Collection below. Also, Check – Stylish FB Profile Names For Boys.

Disclaimer:- Hacking & Phishing is an illegal activity. We recommend you to do this only for fun purpose. We are not responsible for any harm to your account or you. Try this at your own risk.

Facebook Wapka Phishing Codes

The most popular type of phishing which is very common nowadays is Facebook Wapka Phishing. Right? Of course Yes :-P. Most of the Facebook users want to access their friends Facebook account. If you are trying to do the same then this article helps you a lot. In this article, I am going to share All Working Wapka Phishing Codes (WML/XHTML Scripts) Collection which helps you to create a free Wapka website for Facebook phishing. If you don’t know how to create a phishing website then don’t worry I have added all steps to create Free Wapka Phishing Website.

Facebook Wapka Phishing Codes

You can open above given link in your browser and copy the code to create a Wapka Site. If you don’t know how to create a new Wapka website then don’t worry I have shared all steps with screenshots also. You can easily create Wapka Facebook Phishing Website using WML/XHTML Wapka Scripts. Before sharing steps to make Wapka Website I will share some other website’s phishing codes like Autoliker Phishing Scripts, Paytm Wapka Phishing Codes, Teen Patti phishing script, etc. You may also like Stylish Boys DPs

Wapka Phishing Codes/Scripts Collection (Paytm, Autoliker, Teen Patti)

Below is some working Wapka phishing codes collection for you. I have designed these codes, especially for my readers. You don’t need to change anything in these codes. I have personally tested these Wapka Phishing codes and found well working. Simply use these Wapka WML/XHTML Phishing codes on your Wapka website to hack your victim’s Facebook account.

Paytm Phishing Script

Teen Patti Wapka Codes

Autoliker Phishing Script

These are some working Wapka Phishing Codes. You don’t need to change anything in these codes. These codes are specially coded by me. You can easily hack your victim’s password by using these scripts. You need to create a Wapka Phishing site using these codes. If you don’t know how to make a phishing website using Wapka codes then don’t worry. Below I have added all steps with images also which helps you to design a new Wapka Phishing Website.

Create Wapka Phishing Website Using Wapka Phishing Codes (WML/XHTML Scripts)

We have shared All Phishing Codes Collection above. If you know about Wapka then you can simply create a new phishing website from it. But Lots of people don’t know how to make Facebook Phishing Website using Wapka Phishing Scripts. If you are one of them then below shared steps will surely help you.

At First, Open  In your Browse and Sign Up.


Wapka Phishing Website Codes

After Sign Up, click on Create Site option and then click on Manage it.

Click on Admin Mode. A white page will appear, you will see ‘Edit Site‘ Button click on it.

Search for “WML/XHTML code” option and click on it.

At last, a new Page will appear on your screen. Simply paste your copied Wapka Phishing Script in the blank box and save settings as below and click on Submit.

  • Alignment: Center
  • Place WML Code: Top

Now your phishing website is ready and you can share with your friends to get their account’s password. Always remember Phishing is an illegal activity. I am not responsible for any harm happen to you. Do it at your own risk. I have shared all possible steps with images too and hope now you won’t get any issue while creating a new Wapka Phishing Website.

To check that your site is working properly or not, simply open your phishing website in your browser and enter any fake email & password. Now check your Email Inbox, you will get an email from Wapka with entered email and password that means your website is working properly and you’re able to hack your victim’s password. You May Also Check : How To Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days

Lots of peoples facing an issue that the website shows a blank page after creating a website. You may also get this issue. In such cases, you need to create a new website because your old website is detected and got blocked. If you’re getting the same problem again and again then just leave it and go for one more method shared below. Below Shared method is working well without any issue.

Facebook Phishing Without Wapka (2022 Working)

This method is only valid for Facebook Phishing. If you want to hack your friend’s Facebook account then this method will surely help you out. You must try the above method once, if it will not work for you then try these below shared steps. I have personally tested this method and is working properly.

Open In your Browser and Click on Sign up Here Option.


Facebook Phishing Without Wapka

Fill All details, verify captcha and click on sign up button.


Facebook Phishing Method

After successfully sign up, you’ll get your login details on the same page. (See below) Enter your login details and click on Login Button.


Facebook Phishing Codes

After Logging in Choose your profile >> Fill all profile details and click on Create Button.

Facebook Phishing Script

Now you will get your phishing facebook profile link. You can share it with your friends and victims.

Whenever your victim opens this Facebook account URL and sends a friend request on it. It will ask him/her to log in to his/her Facebook account. When he/she enter email and password then at the same instant you’ll get Account details on your Shadowave account. You may also like How To Unfriend All Facebook Friends At Once

Wapka phishing is extinct these days. It is so hard to break FB security relating to phishing & hacking. Lots of Facebook accounts have disabled because of doing such illegal activities on the user’s account. You should also avoid doing Facebook phishing through Wapka codes. You should only try such phishing methods on your friends or relatives accounts just for fun purpose.

Last Words On Wapka Phishing Codes & Facebook Phishing Methods

This is all about how to hack a Facebook account without Wapka. This method is getting popular nowadays because Wapka websites are getting detected and blocked. There is no issue with this method. You can hack unlimited FB accounts without any limit. Keep in mind that your link is only valid for 24 hours.

You can again create new profile link after 24 hours. Hacked Facebook account details will be stored for a week only in your Shadowave account. Sometimes your account may get disabled because of such illegal activities. In that case, you can recover disabled FB account by using our previously shared article.

This is our today’s article on Wapka Phishing Codes Collection. I have shared almost all types of Phishing codes in this article. You can find your desired Wapka Codes from this article. Also, If you don’t know how to use these Wapka Phishing Codes then you can take helo from 2 methods I have shared to Create Facebook Phishing Website. If you’re getting any issue, then feel free to comment below. I will try my best to solve your issue as soon as possible. Also, Check – How To Make Stylish FB Name ID


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