1. Md Kawsar Hossain says

    Hi team Facebook has disabled my real facebook account with the name Md Kawsar Hossain. it’s my real account with all my details I request team to please enable it as it’s really important for me to get back to my account I have all my all apps linked to it .
    Pls contact me on +8801764751688 and email [email protected]
    My disabled email I’d [email protected]
    please help me

  2. I think my account was disabled by mistake I do not pretend to represent someone on Facebook and I assure you that this account belongs to me and I am ready to submit what prove that .. Please reactivate the account Thank you .

    • Follow all steps mentioned in above article and submit real ID proof to recover your fb account

      • Dipak Bhatt says

        Dear Sir, I am Dipak Bhatt from India please help me. I request to you my facebook account by mistake Disabled ineligible I don’t know so please help me my facebook account recover – reopen please help me please help me. Thanks

      • I did but no reply or any response 😭😭

      • Someone hack my account through phishing (legitimate looking email) but I was informed by Facebook I changed password then they disabled my account
        Please help

  3. My account was disabled since last year November .so I go through to the appeal and Identify all the pictures of my facebook friend but when I submit the additional information it said “error occurred while submitting the form please try again later” okay I try to do with other methods which was to submit the appeal form and attach with my id but still when I submit it said”couldn’t process your request please try again later.I’ve try it several time but still say one and I’ve cleared my temporarily filed,cache and cookies it still refuse to be process am out of option please help me out to get back my account if you have knowledge

    • Muthu sanaya Fernando says

      My facebook account disable now
      Last 4 days,I give all my real information but its not fb information all real only my neme fake,becoz its only stilys

  4. Erinfolami Holuwasheyi holamiposi rufus says

    My Facebook account was disable please help me to recovery it please

  5. Md Tajul Islam says

    Hello sir my new facebook account has been disabled even after giving all the correct information please return my facebook account please sir Thanks.

  6. Mera facebook account open q nhi ho raha hai

  7. Naseer Kashmiri says

    My account is disabled please help me me account is recovery me mistake sorry sor

  8. tanvir ahmad says

    sir my Facebook account is disabled by mistake I have a humble request to recover my Facebook account I’m using this account last ten year I don’t like to lost my account I hv saved all my photos in my account ie is my humble request I want my account back thanks

  9. Ellen Kleiner says

    I am a 66 year old Grandmother, and have been a respectful user of Facebook for well over 10 years. I am an assistant high school drama teacher ( 25 years) and work at an international summer camp in upstate New York (24 years). On Feb. 1, my birthday, I was happily reading birthday posts when, suddenly, my Facebook page was disabled. I initially thought it was a glitch, but a few hours later, 2 friends texted me to say my Messenger had been hacked, as they were both contacted by someone posing as me and asking for money. I had no idea what to do. After reading the help page, I sent a form in requesting to be re-instated. I followed all of your directions above. It has now been 27 days with no change of status and no communication. I have come to rely on Facebook to keep me in touch with my children, grandchildren and all of the friends, associates and kids from school and camp. People in my life from all over the world. I am so sad that this has happened and so frustrated that I cannot communicate with a person at Facebook. I am just a Grandmother trying to stay connected. I don’t want to lose all the years of photos, conversations, and most importantly friends I have kept in touch with. PLEASE HELP! Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Ellen Kleiner

    [email protected]

    • Hey Ellen Kleiner,

      We are very sad to hear this from you.
      We have shared all possible methods to recover disabled FB IDs above. If still, you’re unable to get back your facebook account then you must try to contact Facebook team. You can’t do anything except this.

    • Mohammed harun siddiqi says

      Sir may account is disabled m going this form bt my email and phone number not machine please help me

  10. Sardar wajid says

    I send you proof but not my facebook re open

  11. Sardar wajid says

    Why my facebook id disabled

  12. oh my gosh its not giving me the option to enter my email?? are these links broken or what am I doing wrong??

  13. Alyssa Anne foster says

    Hi about the I’d part my I’d has my birth name on it which is Cheyenne but my fb has my name that I go by is it possible to still use my I’d even tho It had a different name from my fb


    Hello Facebook community.My name is pastor Romans from kenya.This is to let you know that it’s almost one month my Facebook account is disabled whereby i don’t know the reason why is being disabled!While am appealing several times but there is no response from you!So my humble request is that kindly unlock my Facebook account because there is much information I saved there!While if I violated against Facebook community rules please notify me and I will not repeat again!Please I will be happy if you unblock my Facebook account.God bless youPastor Romans Aroni

    • Hi,

      Sorry to hear this from you.
      But once you violate facebook policies they disable your Facebook account permanently & you can’t recover it again.

      • Ofili favour says


      • Sir , I don’t know how did I get back my Facebook account
        Please help me to get back disabled Facebook account…
        Please help me sir,
        U can contact me [email protected]

      • Fawad gul marwat says

        Sir please help me my account is disable

      • Romans Aroni says

        My Facebook is not permanently disabled only it’s temporarily disabled!
        Kindly help me to recover my account!
        Even there is emergency pictures needed.
        Kindly help me

      • Elaine Badenhorst says

        Good day

        I am being using facebook for wow longer than 10 years. I had a facebook my first facebook account ever and after my baby sister passed away I left facebook because way to much memories. Then I opened a facebook account again a year or so after her death.
        I was using facebook without stepping over any line, a while ago I bought items from a lady that was advertising on facebook. After not receiving my goods I went on to her page were she advertise and start asking members that is also on the same page for help to get hold of the lady. I went and post a review on her page to warn other people to not make the same mistake in trusting the lady. She went and took screen shots of my personal profile and posted it all over listing me for all sorts of bad things and a while after that my facebook account got disabled. I am honest and will never harm anyone in my life. I am also honest to say I have tried all ways possible to get my facebook back and I even went and tried to open a new profile but no luck I just cant get a new account or any way how to be on facebook again. This is terrible because I have the proof that I was not harming any one. I can identify my family and friends on facebook if I must do a security check, and I have a letter of court stating that the lady scammed me and I was the one losting money. How can facebook disable your account without proper investication and How can I get my facebook active again?

        • Hey! Elaine Badenhorst

          we are extremely sorry to hear this from you.
          Sometimes lots of people lose their accounts without doing any activity which is against Facebook policies. This might be because of Facebook algorithms.

          The only thing you can do is submit your account for review through the appeal form given in the article above. Once your account get reviewed you’ll get reply within 7 working days.

  15. Muhammad Zaman says

    Hello sir your security system has been disabled my real account in mistakley now i am sending my real proof please sir review it and reopen my account. thanks facebook team

  16. Agbogbo saviour says

    My account is been disabled and I don’t know why, can you guys open my Facebook account for me please

  17. Brando Riezl Dmitri says

    my facebook account disable last week please help me sir. thank you Facebook team. please sir and mam. recovery may real Facebook account Thanks sir

  18. Dipak Bhatt says

    Dear Sir, I am Dipak Bhatt from India please help me. I request to you my facebook account by mistake Disabled ineligible I don’t know so please help me my facebook account recover – reopen please help me please help me. Thanks

  19. Dipak Bhatt says

    Sir, my facebook account real account no fake account I request to you please help my facebook account recover Thanks

  20. Dipak Bhatt says

    Dear Sir, I request to you please help me my facebook account it’s real Sir I don’t know my facebook account Disabled ineligible by mistake please help me my facebook account [email protected] please help me my facebook account reopen I am very sorry any my mistake Facebook policy please thanks.

  21. Guyan Bartholomew says

    Why are there so many dumb people asking for their Facebook accounts to be unblocked here in the comment section?
    This isn’t Facebook! This is just an article on a completely different website written by someone to help people who have had their accounts disabled.

    The issue is many people including myself have had their accounts disabled and Facebook will not provide the actual reason. Also, they don’t respond to the appeals to even clarify what happened even after providing ID. I even tried to make a new account with a different email address, using my real name and that got disabled a few minutes after creation.

    So I don’t know what’s going on…they must think I’m trying to impersonate someone when I’m not. If you have any idea what I can do about this let me know.

  22. I did the same methods. I was blocked Sunday night May 12, 2022 submitted an appeal and uploaded IDs supporting my account. Until now facebook does not reply. The only email I got was they will review my request and given me a link to see status of my appeal. It was stated “open” and a case number. I hope that Facebook will activate my account in time.

  23. hello my name is suraj and my id has been disable than i did not open my fb account i did that proccess then no result is found so their are lost of day gone so what can i do now tell me

  24. Thank you for this helpful article. I changed my name to my nickname and changed the spelling of my surname 2 months ago. Now, facebook has disabled my account and asking for ID. Obviously, my ID name is different now to my present name in facebook. But I’m sure fb has the history of my previous real name as I try your hack for changing name before 60 days and I saw my previous name on the account. Do you think should I send my ID OR just forget my account?

  25. Hi. My facebook profile has been mistakenly disabled. And whenever I try to appeal for it in the given link, it shows an error message. I fear that the email ID and mobile number were changed before it got disabled. How can I contact facebook to recover it. I have been using this profile since 2006. Please help me recover this ID.

  26. I had been using an account under a Fake Name and Facebook has disabled that account. Now I want to get it back at any cost and I’m willing to use my original name on that account if only I’m given a chance by Facebook. In this case, If I submit my ID, it will have my Real Name on it. So do you think I should proceed to submit by ID to Facebook, not to forget it will have a different name than the name on my Disabled account? I will correct my name once Facebook reinstates my account.

  27. Saqib sultan says

    My frnds account was disable he ask me to help him and i tried your methed but one problem occurs and that is. ( unknown error ) what is the mean of it why its occure pleas its a humble request pleas solve it

  28. Abu Tauhid says

    A few days ago my account was pretending disabled . Even if there is a real stop, the account is not returning, please give it a solution

    • Fill Facebook disabled ID appeal form carefully. You will get your account back if you haven’t violated facebook terms & policies.

  29. How many days to recover your facebook, if you did send all requirements?

  30. vinod chand says

    My Facebook account is more than 6 years old and I never violated any Facebook rules, after that I opened more than 7 accounts under my true name but they got disabled one after another

  31. vinod chand says

    I’m looking forward that something is done soon to retrieve my old account

  32. Aman Merchant says

    Please help me to get my account back which was disabled.When i try to login it will be not log and tells no account.And when i will click to forget password he will tell me that my id is disabled.And give me a photo to click ‘this is me’.when i click it will not work how i get it back i am trying before 2 week.

  33. Hi.. how if can’t access my email registered in facebook?

  34. KELLY OCONNOR says

    When I try to login I get a message that my account is temporarily disabled for security. I have been trying to follow the steps to unlock it for 4 days but everytime I try I get an error message that “this action is not available right now”. I have tried the disable form but it is telling me that my account is not disabled. At this point I am very confused! Can anyone help?

    • Maybe your account is not permanently disabled. So you should try accessing it from the Facebook login page.

      • KELLY OCONNOR says

        I have tried accessing it from every possible way, App and laptop login. It allows me to try to idenify myself through pictures, comments, and codes. I have tried evey way several times and all it ever says is “an error has occurred. This action is not available right now. Try again later.” Well it has been almost a week so I don’t know when “later” is. And I cannot get in contact with anybody at facebook.

      • Rajat bansal says

        My facebook account has disabled from facebook temprary but i cant attached a gmail id with this disabled account

  35. Kumar Shubham says

    Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for your report. We’ll review the information you provided and get back to you when we have an update on your report.

    In the meantime, you can review our Community Standards to learn more about what is and isn’t allowed on Facebook:

    We appreciate your patience.

    View updates from your Support Inbox:

    The Facebook Team This mail come from Facebook. My acount is disabled ineligible showing. I had submitted 80 or more time or real details and ID but not reply from. Its is positive to open my acount ya not. Its my 10 year old acount. My id is [email protected] please help us.

  36. Please help someone used my phone and sent sick shit now I’m deactivated on FB messenger

  37. Maher Abdul Wahab says

    Somebody can report my old and fully verified Account without any reason and Facebook can disable my account. What are the Facebook doing. Go to hell Facebook………..

  38. Hello sir how are you sir my personal Facebook account disabled please help me thank you sir

  39. Sâgãr Paul says

    Hi this is sagar paul my account got disable past 3 days back I don’t know y and I have not done anything from past 3 days I had submitted all the documents but I didn’t get any further information from them so still how many days I should wait for my account it’s my real account

  40. Christopher Mitchell says

    My account has been temporarily disabled as, “Ineligible” for almost 4 weeks now and thinking someone reported it for something I didn’t do. When my friends view any chat history with me, my messages are removed where it says that my messages are temporarily disabled because my account needs verification. Facebook won’t tell me the actual reason why my account was disabled due to safety and security reasons which is frustrating. I’ve had this account since 2006 and never had it disabled before. I’ve always been in good standing, but really shocked of it being temporarily disabled. I have a lot of important things in there such as photos with family members, etc. and it saddens me a lot of not being able to access those.

    Facebook never sent me any e-mails and never said anything of it being permanently disabled or banned. Since mine’s “temporarily disabled,” do any of you know how long the suspension is for? 30 days? 60 days or more? It would be nice to at least know how long because of it being temporary.

  41. 60 days my account permanent deactive, it is possible back my account.

  42. Ganesh Khatri says

    Dear Sir, I am Ganesh Khatri from India please help me. I request to you my facebook account by mistake Disabled ineligible I don’t know so please help me my facebook account recover – reopen please help me please help me. Thanks

  43. Sunil Kumar says

    My fb account disable how to recover this account

  44. randhir damley says

    Hi team Facebook has disabled my real facebook account with the name cute randhir damley it’s my real account with all my details I request team to please enable it as it’s really important for me to get back to my account I have all my all apps linked to it .
    Pls contact me on +918668857384 and email [email protected]
    My disabled email I’d is randhir. [email protected]
    And I don’t have access to this email id and a previous mobile number which is still linked to this account which is 8752069903

  45. randhir damley says

    Seriously bro your also got disabled?

  46. randhir damley says

    I have followed all the steps which you have told but I did not get back my facebook account, yes I did get a reply from facebook but that was more than 7 to 8 days later the sent me a link to open the account but unfortunately that link was invalid and the password which they sent me that too was invalid I kept on sending them emails but there is no response from their side please help me how do i get back my account i request you to please reply to me on my email
    [email protected]

  47. Dear Sir, I am Hariom pandey from India please help me. I request to you my facebook account by mistake Disabled ineligible I don’t know so please help me my facebook account recover – reopen please help me please help me. Thanks

  48. I think my account was disabled by mistake I send all my copy passports to Facebook one week to prove it’s my real names and iD how long I have to wait to get my Facebook back pls ,,,, thnx

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